State of Origin merchandise: what to wear

State of Origin Merchandise

State of Origin is one of the most exciting and intense sporting events in Australia. Every year, thousands of fans gather to to witness the clash between New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons. As a supporter, there's no better way to show your love for your team than by wearing their supporter gear. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the State of Origin supporter gear available on

State of Origin Series Winners from 1980 to 2022

Year Winner
1982 QLD
1983 QLD
1984 QLD
1985 NSW
1986 NSW
1987 QLD
1988 QLD
1989 QLD
1990 NSW
1991 QLD
1992 NSW
1993 NSW
1994 NSW
1995 QLD
1996 NSW
1997 NSW
1998 QLD
1999 Draw
2000 NSW
2001 QLD
2002 Draw
2003 NSW
2004 NSW
2005 NSW
2006 QLD
2007 QLD
2008 QLD
2009 QLD
2010 QLD
2011 QLD
2012 QLD
2013 QLD
2014 NSW
2015 QLD
2016 QLD
2017 QLD
2018 NSW
2019 NSW
2020 QLD
2021 NSW
2022 QLD


Oversize Fleece Hoodies

With a vibrant and colourful design and a warm fleece lining, you can either wear them at home, the pub or the stadium.

The QLD Maroons and NSW Blues Oversized Fleece Hoodies are going to be the star of the series. One size fits them all!

Oversize State of Origin Fleece Hoodies by Ashtabula

'Paradise' Hawaiian Shirts

Perfect for the summer and for the Queensland weather, the Paradise Hawaiian shirts are made of a light poly microfibre fabric providing exceptional comfort.

State of Origin Paradise Hawaiian Shirts

'Lumberjack' Flannel Shirts

Made of 100% cotton, these flannos will make you feel very warm during those cold evening matches. Want it personalised? Yes, embroidery is available.

State of Origin 'Lumberjack' Flannel Shirt

'Fanatic' Party Shirts

Designed to make a statement, our State of Origin 'Fanatic' Party Shirt is a 'must-have' for all Loud & Proud Team Supporters.

State Of Origin Fanatic Party Shirt

"Siren' Leggings

Our 'Siren' Leggings are made from an excellent quality Warp Knit Polyester (75%) Spandex (25%) fabric. With bright, bold team colours and logos, you are certain to stand out in the crowd! 

State of Origin Siren Leggings by Ashtabula

'40/20' Pullover

Our Official State of Origin Kids '40/20' Pullovers are a super cute way to support your team. Team colours and logos are sublimated on a light 320gm Interlock, Brushed-Back Poly Fleece.

State of Origin Kids Pullover by Ashtabula