Your beret is 61cm in diameter with an adjustable drawstring to fit any size head.

Place the Beret on your head with the drawstring at the centre back - the stiffing board (logo) should be over your left eye. Tighten the drawstring until it is comfortable.

Take off your Beret and tie a knot in the drawstring. Either cut off the excess drawstring and/or use a pin to push the excess drawstring back into the leather band.


Dunk your Beret in warm water until it is fully wet. Do not use hot or boiling water as this will cause the wool to shrink.

Gently wring out any excess water from your Beret until it is damp and pliable. Place the damp Beret on your head and adjust it to fit properly. The logo should be over your left eye and the drawstring opening should be at the back.

Smooth the material over your head, and fold the extra material over to the right forward side of your head. Pull the material down towards your ear. It should just touch your ear, or perhaps go slightly below.

You now have a couple of options:

  1. Wear the Beret until it begins to dry; and carefully take it off and set it aside to finish drying. You may need to shape it a few times to get it right.
  1. Use a ruler and some pegs to hold the material in shape on the right side, and place the Beret in the sun to dry. (see the first video referenced below on how to do this)

If your Beret is too big, you will be able to shrink it by soaking it in hotter water.


There are plenty of videos on the internet to help you care for and shape your Beret. Here's a couple we have found for you: